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Tango dance known as one of the most sensual and passionate of the ballroom dances developed from latin american. it is a partners dance between a male and female but dont worry for our tango dance classes in manchester you dont need a partner to participate. At tango dance manchester you will learn the correct technique of how to follow a partner's lead , Explore the posture in a proper tango frame and learn basic steps made in to tango dance sequences showing some flaire to your movement.

Adults Tango Dance Manchester

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Tango dance classes will be restaring soon in manchester


FAQ on Tango classes

The tango dance classes in manchester are on a drop in basis
There are on average 25 peopl in each class
You dont need to have any dance experience.
You dont need to have a partner to turn up to the class
comfortable clothing and trainers you dont have tango shoes

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Dance Classes in Manchester