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Contemporary dance is a popular form of dance all about unrestricted lines and using the space you have. There are many Contemporary dance styles with the most popular being Graham technique , Alexander technique, Cunningham technique and Release technique, Our contemporary dance classes in Manchester tends to utilize both the strong controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance's stress on the torso, Our dance classes also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, with improvisation characteristic of modern dance. So whether you're interested in the Graham, Cunningham or Release technique don't worry as our classes have bits of all three!

contemporary dance classes  manchester your instuctor amy trained at one of the uks most prestigiouse contemporary dance schools Nothern School of Contemporary Dance . She is an artist in the physical sense of self expression when given movement from others or her own creation, she is confident to attack every challenge given. Her desireis to evoke reflective thinking upon indulging in her performance or choreographic work, thriving on exploration of movement, touching on varied themes. she is a versatile teacher often pushing boundaries for bold and inspiring results.She engages strongly with many qualities of movement; both dynamically challenging and more lyrically influenced.

Adults Contemporary Dance Manchester
Class Commences wedenesday 16th of October

Manchester Dance Centre

Contemporary dance Classes commence soon
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FAQ on Contemporary classes

The contemporary dance classes in manchester are on a drop in basis
The classes have approximately 10 people in each class
Beginners contemporary manchester will commence in October 2013
The intermediate Level class is only suitable for people with contemporary dance experience
Clothing comfortable clothing . The dance is also done bare footed.

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